The Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation offers the assistance of PPE specialists and partner expert access. Team members consult on industry research and development of new and improved technologies.

Personal Protective Equipment for the fire service is broken into the following categories:
– Head (helmets, hardhats & hoods)
– Eye and face (goggles / glasses & mask)
– Respiratory (scba & masks)
– Body (coat, pants & suit)
– Hand (gloves)
– Foot (boots & shoes)

Fire service knowledge should include the following:
– Understand the types of PPE
– Select appropriate pieces for the work scenario and exposures
– Basic care, cleaning and maintenance

PPE programs should offer employee training to include:
– Proper fit, wear and removal
– Use
– Basic care and cleaning

* Specific requirements for PPE are in OSHA standards 29 CFR and ANSI standards