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  • January 18, 2019

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  • Mar 09, 2015

    The Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation:

    Working to Extinguish Fire Fighter Cancer

    Firefighters dedicate their lives to the service of others. The Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation was established in 2004 to provide international outreach, support, and resource assistance programs for firefighters and family members that are stricken by cancer.  The Foundation is creating state of the art programs for cancer education, awareness, research and prevention to ensure the quality of life and retirement of fire fighters around  the world.

    Nov 01, 2016

    Board of Directors:

    Cindy Ell – President
    Retired Firefighter/Critical Care Paramedic, Anne Arundel County, MD IAFF Local 1563, Cancer Survivor

    Jorge Rivera – Vice President - East
    Firefighter Wilmington, DE, Local 1590

    Joe Don James – Vice President West
    Retired Firefighter/Paramedic/Fire Instructor, Mansfield, TX, IAFF Local 3599, Cancer Survivor

    Chris Foley - Secretary
    Retired Firefighter/Paramedic, East Hartford IAFF Local 1548

    Jim Plieth - Treasurer
    Firefighter, Peer Fitness Trainer, Detroit IAFF Local 344

    Regional Directors:

    Mike Valenti - Northeast
    Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania

    Robert Moreau - Mid-Atlantic
    Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, West Virginia

    Webster Marshall - Southeast
    North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas

    Brad Beck - Midwest
    Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri

    Vacancy - Southwest
    Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, Hawaii

    Jonathan Jones - Northwest
    North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana, Wyoming, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska

    State Directors:

    Jamie Markham - Colorado

    Dan Huften - Connecticut

    Bucky Mock - South Carolina

    Todd Wagoner - Tennessee

    Australia/Global Research:

    Steve Bunney - Australia

    Department Coordinators:

    Peter Berger - Education Coordinator

    Rick Rochford - Hazardous Materials Coordinator

    Dana Harrison - Nutrition Coordinator

    Brett Snow - Medical Technology

    Vacancy - Community Outreach Specialist

    Deirdre Padilla - Member Resource Coordinator, RN, Wound Specialist, Home Health Specialist, DMAT Member

    Laura Wimmer - FFCF Kids Coordinator Pediatric Cancer Advocate

    Genete Bowen - FFCF Paws Coordinator, Certified Animal Massage Therapist, DogE-911

    Jim Preston - 9/11 Responders Coordinator

    Jennifer K. McNamara, Esq -  Family Advocate & Widow of FDNY FF John McNamara (John F. McNamara Foundation)

    Deborah Wells - Executive Director

    Lloyd Ann Marston - Executive Administrator


    It is the intention of the Firefighter Cancer Foundation to serve as an advocate, educational, and supportive tool for the fire fighter service community. Information disseminated via web contact or FFCF representatives should not be used in lieu of professional medical advice and care.

    Web links provided by the FFCF or other parties that link to the FFCF do not constitute an endorsement nor do we assume privacy control.

    The FFCF does not share, trade, or sell donor mailing lists, contributor, or program participant information.

    The following have been filed as Service Marks of the FFCF:

    Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation Working to Extinguish Fire Fighter Cancer Strive to Survive Artwork: Lavender ribbon logo w/ nozzle, Lavender ribbon w/ fire helmet, Pink ribbon w/fire helmet, Yellow ribbon w/fire helmet, Green ribbon w/fire helmet.

    Reproduction of these is granted only with the express permission of the Fire Fiighter Cancer Foundation, Inc. Questions regarding policy may be forwarded to:

    Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation (FFCF)
    P.O. Box 1640
    Deland, FL 32721
    Phone: 866.411.3323

    Mar 09, 2015

    Our Goals

    The Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation will promote knowledge, awareness, and advocacy for the firefighter diagnosed with cancer. The foundation will continue to support active and retired firefighters by promoting occupation specific cancer screening and wellness testing. We are seeking volunteers, medical and fire service advisors, benefactors, and partnership with organizations of similar goals.

    Mar 09, 2015

    So What is S.P.E.A.R.

    • SupportOffer emotional support and social assistance for firefighters and family members battling cancer.  

    • Promote – Encourage health and wellbeing by endorsing annual occupation specific cancer screenings and wellness testing.  

    • Educate – Provide resource information to assist the firefighter diagnosed with cancer to better understand their disease.  Partner with other International Cancer Organizations to offer education and awareness programs.  

    • Assist – Provide personalized disease and treatment navigation help. Identify and locate resources needed. Establish a national prescription assistance program for firefighters diagnosed with cancer.  Provide our members enduring chemotherapy with a home air purification unit to help them remain healthy during treatment. Effect improved communication among all first responders to include retired firefighters.  

    • Research – Identify leaders in medicine and science who can offer treatment options. Educate national and regional elected officials to advance national firefighter cancer studies.

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